Price and Ordering Information


The following reflect prices for ‘standard’ orders i.e. Tanto, Wakizashi and Katana. Prices for unusual blade styles/shapes and other special requirements will be quoted for separately. Note that James prefers to make swords that are historically accurate, and will not accept orders for fantasy swords from anime, manga, movies etc.

All prices are in US Dollars ($)

  1. Blades (Smith’s Polish) $50 per inch of cutting length

  2. Blades (Full Hand Polish) $80 per inch of cutting length

  3. Habaki $160

Habaki is copper and is either full-polished or with grooves and file patterns if required.


How To Order

Orders can be placed via email or snail mail. You must make clear the following on your order:

  1. Your name, address, phone numbers and email.

  2. Your choice of blade, blade length and sizes.

  3. Any other requirements you may have.

Delivery Time & Shipping

1. Blade (Smith’s Polish) 4 weeks

2. Blade (Full Hand Polish) 6 weeks

3. Habaki 1 week


Contacting Rawblades


Email: Rawblades Requests

Phone numbers (NB: Please consider when you're calling! South African time is GMT+1)

Tel A: +27 31 767 4140

Tel B: +27 31 767 4690

Mobile: +27 83 661 5584

Fax: +27 31 767 4145



P.O.BOX 474



Republic of South Africa