Available for immediate delivery

Occasionally, swords or bare blades may become available for immediate delivery. Please check this page regularly.


Particulars common to all blades:

  • All Blades have a hammer tip;
  • All Blades have a cut back from the shinogi to the mune giving it a similar effect as the bo-hi;
  • All Blades are hand forged, water quenched with a hamon.


Blade Dimensions

Blade 1
Blade 2
Blade 3
Blade Length (nagasa)        
Tang Length (nakago)        
Tip Length (kissaki)        
Blade width at tang (motohaba)        
Blade width at tip (sakihaba)        
Thickness at tang (motokasane)        
Thickness at tip (sakikasane)        
Blade Curvature (sori)